Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. JJ McClatchy

My boyfriend, Dalton, and I are in a personal finance class at FLC and our teacher's name is Mr. J.J. McClatchy. He is very temperamental, and I think he just does not like couples. Dalton and I sit next to each other, hold hands, and laugh and talk during our class break time; so we are obviously a couple. J.J. doesn't like this. The class will be sitting in silence listening to this old guy not lecture us about personal finance at all, but rather about how rich he is and how his cousins are always trying to get money out of him. When we are listening to him lecture about boarderline topics that might be somewhat related to our class subject, people have small discussions amongst each other and that's ok but if Dalton and I has a small discussion amongst OURSELVES about the topic being discussed, it's suddenly illegal. He yells at us and makes an example when we are only participating like everyone else. However, if we don't talk at all we get docked participation points. We had our midterm a couple weeks ago, and he asked us to explain the 6 elements of our personal business plan. Dalton and I had completely different ideas for this and wrote two completely different midterm essays. As soon as we get our blue books back, we both got the same grade on our papers; a C-! We were both thorough when discussing and explaining the elements and yet we received a pretty low grade without a reason. This is so unfair and uncalled for. Just because he is unhappy without a partner he loves and adores in his life doesnt mean he can discriminate against us because we do. The only problem is that he is very intimidating and I am afraid to contest him about this little issue. Any suggestions? Oh and I forgot to mention, Dalton got a bloody nose in the middle of class and I turned to look at him because I saw blood drops on his leg and told him his nose was bleeding, and Mr. McClatchy kicked us out of class!! Frickin' jerk.

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  1. I suggest you talk to your teacher, but at the same time, I can understand being intimidated. I sometimes felt that way and so wouldn't speak up to my teachers. There isn't any jusitification for treating your differently because you are a couple, but I have to assume he has had bad experiences with couples in his class before. Honestly, I haven't had too many problems with couples in classes, thought I usually find that one does well (usually the girl) while the other does poorly (usually the guy). I sometimes feel like the one doing well wanted company and dragged the one doing poorly along. That has just been my experience.