Monday, February 9, 2009

I need a vacation!

The past few weekends I have been helping my boyfriend and his family completely tear out ther kitchen to prepare for the installing of the brand new one. And we're not talking just new counter tops or new cabinets, no. I mean we took out the cabinets, countertops, sink, windows, sheet rock, hardwood floor, the linoleum floor that was underneath that, the glue underneath THAT, till we were down to the concrete floors and 2x4 (or whatever size it is) structure of the kitchen. After bruises and bloody knuckles, not to mention the tons of sweat we all poured into this project, we are only half way there. Now, we have to level the floor, lay the new flooring (a beautiful tile, travertine i believe), install the new cabinets, new sink, new windows, new countertops and new island, and we completely rewired the entire thing as well. Talk about a lot of work. Now, don't get me wrong, I am a hard worker, but on top of the hard work, the stress levels are high for everyone and we all just want this thing to be over with. I keep reminding myself that in a couple weeks when this project is all said and done, we will head out thursday and spend a nice long weekend at our beach house in fort bragg. And by "our" I mean Dalton and his family's. (but I'm part of the family now so it's safe to say "our") And boy oh boy, do we all need it. Nice relaxing vacation on the beach. Abalony diving, hiking, bike riding, etc. I am so psyched. And I will have a big long blog about my adventures in a few weeks after I actually go on the vacation :)


  1. Do you guys hire out? I just bought my first home and it needs some work - it sounds like you are just the person to go to :o) Just kidding.

    I love Fort Bragg! I don't know many people who know it is such a delightful place to go. Have you beedn to Glass Beach? I have been going to Fort Bragg since I was a little kid, but I only discovered Glass Beach a couple years ago. I hope you have a great time when you go.

  2. my boyfriend and his friend wants to race your man. stupid, yes.

  3. I love the beach- i am so jeleous that your visting one. I lived most of my life next to beach- santa barbara,ca. i miss it all too much. Some how my body falls in love with the ocean every time I am near it-- my skin is soft, my hair is wavey. Its the perfect vaction- i wished i could do that all year around. Beaches rock!! I am sick of living next to lakes its not the same. Do you collect suvieniers when you go? I like to bring back sand from the ocean.